Price to publish a memoir

The price to publish, or self-publish, a pre-written memoir.
Contact us for a price to publish a memoir that has already been written.

Our team can assist you in converting your typed or written manuscript into a beautifully crafted paperback and e-book, available on Amazon and various other publishing platforms

We can either help you in one of two ways.

You can self-publish your memoir as part of our Photomemoirs Amazon series, or we can help you self-publish your memoir on Amazon using your own Amazon account.

In both cases, you retain all the rights, and you control your own royalty percentage.

Our book publshing services included editing, proofing, cover design, photo treatment, Microsoft Word document formatting for Amazon, ebook conversion and publishing on Amazon.

Your price will depend on the number of pages and amount of work that you would like us to help you with in connection with the publication on Amazon, so please contact us for a price.

Rest assured, we provide exceptional quality work at reasonable rates, and we're dedicated to putting forth our utmost effort to transform your memoir into an extraordinary book.
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