Write a memoir using Photomemoirs
How to write & publish a photo memoir

How Photomemoirs works

Looking for a fun and easy way to write a photo memoir?

Try Photomemoirs. It's so simple. It works like this. Choose  a collection of your photos. Then write the story behind each photo. Then upload the stories and photos to us and we'll do the rest. Your Photomemoirs editor will help you from start to finish.
How to write a photo memoir
The Photomemoirs system is an easy and fun way for people who don't really consider themselves as "writers" to be able to write and publish a short memoir on Amazon in paperback and ebook format.
It works like this:
You start by deciding on a theme and a structure for your memoir. We'll help you with tips and advice and we'll assign one of our editors to support and guide you from start to finish. 

Choose 30 of your own most memorable photographs that match your memoir theme and then sort them into the order that matches your structure

The next step is to make reminder notes about each story using the supplied photosheet.

Now it's time write the stories of the photos.Just write as if you were were showing the photo to a friend and telling him what happened.

Finally send us the photos and the stories

Your Photomemoirs editor will format them to create a fabulous memoir book with a lovely book cover.

When your book is ready for publishing, we will send you a proof edition copy for final approval.

After your approval, we'll publish your memoir for you on Amazon where it can be ordered in paperback and e-book editions.

After publication you will get 3 paperback editions and your book will be available on Amazon for friends and family to order in a paperback edition.

If you want to add more than 30 photos and if you want your book in a digital e-book, there's an additonal cost.

Contact us for a quote. We'd love to help you!
No writing skills needed
It's a simple way to write a memoir. You don't have to order any books up front and you don't have to be a writer or have writing skills. All you have to do is to collect your favourite photos and tell the story behind them - just as if you were showing your friends or family a photograph and telling them about it.
We like to say that Photomemoirs is more than a photo album but less than an autobiography. Think of it like as an "expanded" photo album with more stories about each picture and not just a caption. Photomemoirs.co is a real book but much easier to write and structure than a traditional autobiography.

For inspiration have a look inside the first published Photomemoirs book which is called "Copenhagen to Ipoh" It tells the story of 2 years spent in Malaysia in the 1950 by a Danish girl who became a British Army wife.
What can a photo memoir be about?
A photo memoir book can be about a variety of subjects. Here are some examples:
  • a life story
  • a family history
  • a special event or time in your life
  • a business that you owned or worked in.
  • a person you want to remember or a place you lived
  • a special journey
  • a collection of highlights of your life
  • or something else...