How to publish a memoir
Use Photomemoirs to publish a memoir

How to publish a memoir

How to publish a memoir

Photomemoirs is a family company that specialises in publishing memoirs. We'd love to help you write or publish your memoir.

If you've already written a memoir that you would like to self-publish as a paperback book and e-book -  or you've got a family memoir that's never been published, then we'd love to help you.

Getting started

If you have a memoir manuscript that has already been written or transcribed, but never published as a book, then please contact us. We will review the manuscript and make you an offer to publish your memoir.

In close collaboration with the author or the current owner(s) and copyright holder(s) of the manuscript, we will digitize the contents and perhaps suggest some light editing or revisions. If available, we will add photographs to bring the memoir to life. We will arrange and format the contents and add a striking book cover.

Finally we prepare your memoir as a book for publication as a paperback and Kindle eBook on Amazon.

See our books

To see how our memoirs publishing service can transform your memoir, have a look at some of our published books.
A Saskatoon Girl by Patricia Harrison
A Saskatoon Girl by Patricia Harrison
We received a request to publish a memoir written in the 1960s which had never published as a book. We transformed it from a manuscript to a book, adding a lovely cover, some photos and new chapter titles with images.
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Turquoise Ink by Ruth McKenzie Bird
Turquoise Ink
by Ruth McKenzie Bird
A wonderful collection of short stories about a lifetime as an army wife all over the world.  At Photomemoirs we helped create the title; we designed a book cover; we added a lovely introduction chapter written by a family member; we added many treasured photos and drew maps for each chapter. The finished result brought the original stories to life and is a delight to read!
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How to write your memoirs
Copenhagen to Ipoh
by Lisette Staal Williams
A new memoir written using the Photomemoirs method. Lisette Staal Williams puts her own words and memories to a selection of photos taken by herself and her husband during a British Army posting to Ipoh, Malaysia in the late 1950s. Lisette Staal Williams was born in Denmark but in February 1957 she met a young British army officer and her life changed forever
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