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Hi, we’re Carl and Peter Williams, brothers and founders of Photomemoirs. Thank you for visiting our website and reading our books. In 2016, by combining our skills from digital technology and entertainment, we created a simple way for people, who are wonderful storytellers but not necessarily wonderful writers, to 'write' a memoir. 

Photomemoirs is a simple and fun way to write a memoir. Our clients simple find treasured photos, and then tell the stories behind the images. We take the stories and photos and after light editing, we publish it as a Photomemoir book. It can be printed and published on Amazon for the public to enjoy, or it can be printed as a private family book. Writing a Photomemoirs book can become a real family project and provide many hours of pleasure and fun.

The first Photomemoirs book is 'Copenhagen to Ipoh'. Our mother Lisette, always up for a new adventure, kindly volunteered to be the first Photomemoirs writer.  This book is a collection of her most entertaining stories of her first two years of marriage in Malaysia as a British Army wife in the late 1950s. It was published in 2017 - 60 years after she arrived in Malaysia - and it amuses her no end, that at the age of 81, she became a published author.

The second Photomemoirs book is a collection of stories that were already penned, but never published. The author was one of our mother’s best friends in the army, the late Ruth Bird. Ruth’s lovely daughters, Leslie and Stephanie liked our mother’s book so much, that they dug out Ruth’s collection of stories from her many adventures as an army wife all over the world. Leslie and Steph spent hours finding the photographs to match the stories and that became the second Photomemoirs book entitled 'Turquoise Ink'. 

The third memoirs publication by Photomemoirs is called 'A Saskatoon Girl.' This was a request to publish a family memoir written in the 1960s but never published. We transformed it from a photocopied typescript into a fascinating book, adding a  lovely cover, photos and new chapter titles with images. This was a wonderfully exciting project. Thanks so much to Deb and Chris, both retired teachers, who did a marvelous job of proofing the book themselves. 

We are currently working on several private photomemoirs books. Please read our how to write a memoir page, if you would like to write a photomemoir.

As well as publishing Photomemoirs books, Carl and Peter are authors themselves and have published three lifestyle books in their own series based on The Stepbac method.


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