Write a memoir using Photomemoirs
How to write & publish a photo memoir

How Photomemoirs works

Looking for a fun and easy way to write a photo memoir?

Try Photomemoirs. It's so simple. It works like this. Choose  a collection of your photos. Then write the story behind each photo. Then upload the stories and photos to us and we'll do the rest. Your Photomemoirs editor will help you from start to finish.
How to write a photo memoir
The Photomemoirs system offers an enjoyable and straightforward approach for individuals who may not identify as "writers" to create and publish a concise memoir in both paperback and ebook formats
It works like this:
Begin by selecting a theme and structure for your memoir. We will provide valuable tips and guidance, and you will have one of our editors dedicated to assisting with advice you throughout the entire process.

Select 30 or 60 of your most cherished personal photos that align with your memoir's theme, and arrange them in the sequence that matches with your chosen memoir structure

The next step is jotting down brief reminder notes about each photo's story using the provided photosheet.

Afterward, it's time to write the narratives behind each photo. Simply write as if you were showing the photo to a friend and telling the story.

To finish, upload the photos and the stories for us to format into a fabulous memoir book with a lovely basic book cover.

In our standard packages, you handle your own editing. If preferred, we also provide light editing and proofreading services.

When your book is ready for publishing, we will send you a proof edition copy for your final approval.

You can publish on Amazon, or privately. You decide.

After your final approval, we can publish your memoir for you on Amazon where it can be ordered in a paperback edition. Your book will be available on Amazon for anyone to order in a paperback edition. You You will receive 1 paperback edition 

If you prefer to only print your memoir for friends and family to read, and not have it available on public platorms like Amazon, then your book can be publishing privately 

After private publication you will receive 1 paperback edition.You can order extra editions at an additional cost for you to distribute to friends and family yourself. 

Optional extras. If you want would like advanced editing and proofreading, or if you would like more than 30 or 60 photos, or an advanced cover or an edition in a digital e-book format, then we'd be happy to help. Extra memoir writing services will be charged at affordable and hourly prices in agreement with you.

Contact us for a quote. We'd love to help you!

No writing skills needed
This is an uncomplicated and simple method to write a memoir. There's no need to pre-order any books, and you don't require any prior writing experience or skills. Your task is to simply to gather your most memorable photos and narrate the stories behind them, much like the way that you'd share a photo with friends or family, recounting the tale behind it.
We like to describe Photomemoirs as more than just a photo album but not as extensive as an autobiography. Consider it as an "enriched" photo album with additional stories for each picture, going beyond mere captions.

Photomemoirs.co is a genuine memoir, yet it's far more approachable in terms of writing and structuring compared to a conventional autobiography.

For creative inspiration, delve into our inaugural Photomemoirs publication titled "Copenhagen to Ipoh" by Lisette Staal Williams, a book that chronicles the two-year journey of a young Danish woman, who transformed into a British Army wife during a two-year stay in 1950s Malaysia.
What can a photo memoir be about?
A photo memoir book can encompass a wide array of topics. Here are a few examples
  • a life story
  • a family history
  • a special event or time in your life
  • a business that you owned or worked in.
  • a person you want to remember or a place you lived
  • a special journey
  • a collection of highlights of your life
  • or something else...